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How I Manifested £109.10 In 3 Days

I took the 3 day manifestation challenge and ended up with £109.10. This money came from a totally unexpected source.

The 3 Day Manifestation Challenge

I accepted The 3 Day manifestation Challenge and worked on it with as much belief as possible. It was hard to accept that it is possible to manifest money out of thin air. My belief started to build up as I carried out the exercises.

This challenge is based on the law of assumption as taught by of Neville Goddard. I have started studying his books recently and would like to study metaphysics and mind science on a full-time basis.

My goal is to build up a substantial monthly passive income using the internet that will allow me to pursue my goals. Currently my goal is to reach $5,000 monthly in passive income to enable me to quit my current employment.

The Money Manifestation Exercises

I started repeating the sentence “I always receive money out of thin air” as many times as I could. I repeated this sentence with feeling especially in the morning and after I got up to get ready for work.

I work 12 hour long night-shifts, so my sleeping pattern is not normal. I had a lot of time in my hands at work to repeat this sentence or mantra as some would call it.

I worked as a corporate security officer, it gets quiet in the building after 11:00pm. I had the time to focus on the manifestation for a few hours into the morning.

I also wrote out the words “I always receive money out of thin air” when I was on break at work. This helped to drill it into my subconscious.

As I worked on the exercises, my belief started to increase. I started to feel that I was going to actually receive money out of thin air. I didn’t know where it was going to come from, but I knew that it was coming.

The Had A Notification On My Phone That I Received £109.10

After the third day of carrying out the money manifestation exercise, I received a notification on my phone that £109.10 hit my bank account. It came from a source that I was not expecting, but it did not surprise me.

This 3 Day Money Manifestation Challenge has taught me that there are sources of money ready to flow to us, if only we are able believe in them. Our lack of belief stops the money coming into our lives.

I know £109.10 is not a big amount, but it still proves that the money manifestation exercise works. Most people would give up before they start this exercise. I was like that, but I made a decision to try it out, and my belief started to increase as I continue with the challenge.

I have not written much on the blog, as I a lot of incidents to deal with in my life. I know this is the comfort-zone trying to pull me back to the lifestyle that I had got used to.

I forced my self to write this update to break out of this current lifestyle that not let events and incidents hold me back from realising my goals.

There is still a lot of work that needs to be done to develop the mindset that will enable me to live my dream lifestyle. I know there will be many obstacle on the way, but I am determined to over them all. I have made a decision to accept the challenge and create a monthly passive income of over $5,000. This is my initial goal and this blog will help me get there.

You can also use the ideas, opportunities and tools that are outlined in my posts to create your own monthly passive income using the internet.

Without Belief Nothing Will Happen

I have started to realise that the number one thing that is holding me back is my lack of belief. If I am able to believe 100% that I can earn a monthly passive income of over $5,000, it will become my reality.

I need to visualize and feel myself earning over $5,000 monthly in passive income. The feeling that is attached to earning over $5,000 monthly is passive income has to be felt now.

It is hard to generate this feeling when the money is not there, but it needs to be done to attract the money. The subconscious mind has to be programmed to believe that the money is already there. It will inspire you to take actions to pull your future into your present.

This mind science stuff is really interesting and my belief in it has started to increase. I am studying it as much as possible currently. I don’t have much spare time, but this is going to change as the passive income starts to build up.

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