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[DWB] Step 10: Monetize Your Blog And YouTube Channel

Your blog and YouTube Channel will allow you to build additional streams of passive income and also help towards branding you as a leader within the online passive income building niche.

Monetizing Your Blog

Once your blog is getting a large number of visitors, you will be able to monetize it via Google’s AdSense program and also using affiliate links.

I had applied for this blog to be monetized via AdSense, but it was rejected, as the traffic was not sufficient. I will apply again once the blog is getting on average 100 unique visitors daily.

You should work on build your own blog and getting it monetized to create another stream of passive income.

Monetizing Your YouTube Channel

A YouTube Channel can bring in another stream of passive income, but it will take time and effort to get it monetized via AdSense.

My YouTube Channel currently has 228 subscribers. It needs 1,000 subscribers to qualify for monetization via AdSense. My channel has accumulated approximately 644 public watch hours within the last 365 day. It need to accumulate 4,000 public watch hours to qualify for monetization.

I know my YouTube Channel will meet these monetization requirements very soon. It’s just a matter of staying consistent with creating and uploading videos.

working on:

to build a substantial monthly passive income to enable you to work towards creating financial freedom.

This is Step 10 of the “Digital Wealth Builder”. You will need to take time to carry out the exercises and actions outlined in all of the 12 steps to build up your online passive income streams.

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