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[DWB] Step 1: Know What You Want

Most people struggle through life without knowing what they truly want. It’s no good complaining about your current financial circumstance unless you know what you want it to be like.

Acknowledge Your Current Financial Circumstance

The first thing to do is to acknowledge your current financial circumstance. You must accept that your decisions and actions or lack of them have created your current reality. I know it is difficult to accept, but you must accept it to enable you to make changes.

It’s no good feeling sorry for yourself, you need to get off your backside and make your life the way you want it to be. There is no one coming to get you out of the rut that you have got yourself into. Everyone is busy with their own lives.

Once you accept that your thoughts, decisions and actions have got you to where you are in life, you will be in a position to transform it. This applies to all areas of your life, but we will be dealing with the financial side of things in this post and in with this system.

The Blank Sheet Exercise

Grab a blank sheet of A4 paper and write the heading “My Perfect Life”. On this piece of paper write down everything that you desire in your life. Do not focus on your current circumstance, just write down what you want.

Let your imagination go wild, think big, don’t restrict yourself. Once you have filled up the sheet of paper, select 5 items from your list.

Grab a blank A5 notebook, leave the first page blank. On the second page, write down these 5 items in present tense in the note book. If you want to live in a 6 bedroom house with a large garden in a peaceful neighbourhood, write it down in detail and in present tense.

You may write something like “I live in a beautiful 6 bedroom house in Chigwell with a driveway to accommodate 4 luxury cars. My large garden is perfectly landscaped and has beautiful flowers and the lawn is perfectly mowed, it is really peaceful to walk in my garden.”

Not everyone wants the same thing in life, you may want to live in a luxury apartment in the heart of the city. The important thing is to write down all your 5 items in as much detail as possible and in present tense.

This exercise will enable you to work out what you truly desire in your life. You don’t have to settle for the lifestyle that you are currently living. If you are currently living the life of your dreams, you would most probably not be reading this post.

If you are not living your dream lifestyle, I would suggest that you take the time to do the exercise. All the steps are there for a reason, they will enable you to transform your financial status. Make sure that you really focus on steps 1 to 7 to establish the foundation of this system.

You Need To Work Out What You Truly Want In Your Life

The people that have figured out what they truly want in life at an early stage will most probably be living their dream lifestyle. They will have focused on their dream and worked towards making it their reality.

The above is only applicable to less than 1% of the people in the world. The vast majority are not happy with their current circumstance.

I know that money cannot solve all the problems, but it can make a significant different to most people’s lives.

My goal is to solve the money problem by enabling you to build up a monthly passive income using the internet.

Most people are stuck in a job that they don’t enjoy, just to enable them to earn enough to cover their monthly expenses.

There is a way to get out of this trading time for money trap called a “job”. The old acronym for JOB was Just Over Broke. In this current state of the economy, most people are working 2 jobs to make ends meet. The vast majority are also trapped by debts and don’t really see any of the money they earn.

If you are currently struggling and looking for a way out of this mess, you can test out the solution that I am offering via the “Digital Wealth Builder”.

Your Number One Priority

Your number one priority should be to earn enough in passive income to enable you to replace the earnings from your current employment.

You will need to work out a monthly amount that will enable you to quit your current employment.

For most people this amount is approximately $5,000 monthly. Everyone will have a different amount. I think $5,000 monthly should be enough to cover most people’s monthly living expenses.

There is no job security in these current times, you need to find a way to earn your own money. You cannot rely on a job for long term earnings. You need to build passive income streams to enable you to live the lifestyle you truly desire.

Your Monthly Magic Amount

Let’s take $5,000 monthly and call it your “Monthly Magic Amount”. Once you have established online passive income streams that earn you over $5,000 monthly, you will have reached the first stage towards financial freedom.

On the first page that you left blank in the A5 note book, write down this monthly magic amount in present tense.

You can write something like “I am immensely grateful that I am earning over $5,000 monthly in online passive income.”

Set a goal of reaching this amount within 12 months. You will need to read out your monthly magic amount statement daily. This is the statement that you should write on the first page of your A5 note book (the page that I asked you to leave blank).

Read out the statement once in the morning, just after getting out of bed. Read it as may times as possible during the day. Also read it out aloud just before going to sleep. Visualize the $5,000 in your bank account whilst reading out the statement, also feel the excitement in a state of gratitude. Do this daily for the next 12 months as you work on your passive income goal.

You will be working on the 5 items that you have written down on the next page once you have established a monthly passive income of over $5,000 using the internet. You should be able to reach this within 12 months, but it will require time, effort and some capital. You will need to be consistent with the actions that will be required to work this system.

This is step 1 of the “Online Passive Income System”. You will need to take time to carry out the exercises and actions outlined in all of the 12 steps to build up your online passive income streams.

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