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[DWB] Step 7: Send Visitors To Your Landing Page

Once your landing page (lead capture page) is up and running, you will need to send visitors (traffic) to it. A small number of these visitors will subscribe to your list via your landing page.

How To Get A Steady Flow Of Subscribers To Your List

If you have just started out on your online passive income building journey, you will not have much influence in the digital world. Your blog will not be that popular, you will not have a large following on YouTube and other social media platforms related to the online passive income niche.

You may not be a digital marketing superstar in the online income niche yet, but we all need to get started some where.

The most viable solution available to you is to use paid marketing to send visitors to your landing page to convert some of them into leads.

Once you are earning some income from your online marketing, you will be able to share your results and build up your following via your blog and social media platforms.

If the future most of your subscribers will come from your blog posts and social media platforms. For now you will have to generate subscriber for your list by using paid advertising.

It is always tough at the beginning, but you must persevere until you start to see results. You will need to spend some capital to build up the momentum that will move you towards your online passive income goals.

Your goal is to send as much targeted visitors as possible to your landing page. This is the page that is linked to your domain. I will list some of the paid marketing tools that I use.

Udimi – Solo Ads

You will find many solo ads providers on the Udimi platform. I will send out a solo ad using this and share the results on this page (YouTube Video).

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My Lead Gen Secret

You can use My Lead Gen Secret to email fresh leads daily. You can also earn commissions from the referral program. It costs $30 monthly and you get 100 fresh leads daily (200 fresh leads daily if you have referrals).

My Lead Gen Secret Review

My Lead Gen Secret Pay Plan

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Social Media Marketing

You can place your landing page link on social media platforms that you are active on. I don’t really recommend marketing to friends and family.

I would suggest that you share your results on social media and let your autoresponder messages do the telling and selling. You don’t need to persuade anyone to join the programs, they need to see the potential and join based on their own understanding of the opportunity offered.

You will get a few subscribers by sharing your link on your social media bio from sites like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and LinkedIn. The subscriber numbers will start to increase once you start to share your results.

You are marketing the system and opportunities, you should not make any income promises. The amount of passive income that members will generate will depend on their marketing actions.

You can also start creating posts related to earning online online on your blog. These posts will gradually get indexed by Google and eventually bring in more subscriber in the future.

You can also create and upload YouTube videos related to making money online and place a link to your landing page in the video description. Some of these links will eventually get clicked and result in subscribers to your list.

This is Step 7 of the “Digital Wealth Builder”. You will need to take time to carry out the exercises and actions outlined in all of the 12 steps to build up your online passive income streams.

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