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The 3 Day Money Manifestation Challenge

Get ready to do a 3 day money manifestation challenge that is fun and produces results. This is based on the teachings of Neville Goddard’s law of assumption.

Just follow along and carry out the instructions, and post your results in the comments after 3 days.

Do This For 3 Days

Repeat the following words “I always receive money out of thin air”. Feel the truth of these words as you repeat them.

You need to get into a state that makes you feel that these words are the truth, there are not doubts. Keep on repeating these words with feeling as many times as possible. Repeat these words through out the day, especially after waking up and before falling asleep at night.

You can also write the words “I always receive money out of thin air” in a notepad. Write them as many times as possible. Feel the truth associated with these words as you write them. Feel the happiness of receiving money out of thin air. Know within your heart that the money is there and it is moving towards you.

Writing out statements with feeling is power, especially when you use I in the statement. The action of writing and looking at the words invokes the power of creation. You are creating the words and the statement via the action of writing.

You can also record yourself saying out the words “I always receive money out of thin air” and play it back throughout the day. You can listen the words as your travel to and from work. You can listen to them whilst working through ear pods or headphones if your work allows it.

Repeat the words as you listen to it. If you are working with others at work, repeat them out quietly using your lips. Feel the truth associated with these words as you listen to them and whilst you repeat them.

The Significance of 3 Days

The number 3 is powerful in numerology as it is one of the creative numbers along with 6 and 9. In Christianity there is the notion of the father, son and the holy spirit. In Hinduism there is the concept of Tridev (the union of 3 God forces). Lord Brahma being the creator, Lord Vishnu being the sustainer and Lord Shiva being the destroyer. They symbolize the concept of manifestation, bringing into existence to the destruction. It symbolizes birth, life and death and also mind, body and spirt.

It also symbolizes the concept of time (past, present and future). It was conceived in the past, it lives in the present and vanishes in the future.

If you knew the magnificence of the three, six and nine, you would have a key to the universe.Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla suggest that 3,6 and 9 hold significant importance in understanding the universe and creation.

There is a lot of mysticism attached to the number 3. We will use Neville Goddard’s law of assumption and carry out the exercise for 3 days to manifest money out of thin air.

Does The 3 Day Money Manifestation Work?

The 3 day money manifestation works for those who believe it and produces results. Some people have reported unexpected $1,000’s flowing to them form various sources.

If you are sceptical, it will not work for you. This method require absolute faith and assumption that the money is flowing to you as you repeat the exercise.

Let’s see the results everyone has with this method. Don’t forget to your manifestation results in the comments.

Some people will dismiss the 3 day money manifestation exercise as a wishy washy method that has no scientific basis. I don’t know the science behind it, but I have been able to manifest various sums of money when I needed it. I don’t know exactly where it came from and the mechanics behind the it, but it was real money that actually came to me from unexpected sources.

Have faith and carry out the exercise, the results will surprise you. The attraction of money has a certain frequency and energy attached to it. This exercise aligns you to this frequency and the energy associated with money starts to flow to you and manifest into your reality.

You Need To Know That You Deserve The Money

Most people are not able to attract money into their lives, as they don’t feel that they deserve it. We all deserve to live a prosperous and fulfilled live, and we need money to do this.

Some people associate evil and greed with money, but a lack of money is the worst form of evil. Living a life in poverty and struggling to make ends meet is not virtuous. Money is just a medium, you can use it for good or bad.

In my opinion it is better to become wealthy than to struggle as a result of the lack of money. Transform your money mindset by addressing the beliefs that you have programmed with your subconscious related to money.

You may not know what these beliefs are but you can replace them with positive belief related to money and start the process of transforming your money mindset.

There is always enough money in the world, your lack of money is a result of you not knowing how to attract it to you. Most people want to become wealthy, but they are not willing to put in the work that will get them there.

It is not all about physical work, the mental aspects related to money need to be addressed too. I will go into more detail related to the money mindset in other posts, for now do this 3 day money manifestation.

If you carry out this exercise with full faith, it will start to clash with some of the negative beliefs that you have stored in your subconscious related to money. These negative beliefs will try and stop you from carrying out the exercises, you need to be strong and force yourself to complete this exercise.

Once you have overpowered your negative beliefs, you will feel much better and the money will flow to you. The amount of money you manifest after 3 days will depend on your faith and also on your beliefs related to money.

Maybe you were not expecting to see an exercise like this on this blog, but may goal is to address all aspects of money, the physical as well as the mental.

This is a simple 3 day exercise that anyone can do, but I know most people will skip it. Most people are sceptical about these exercises and still wonder why they are experiencing a lack of money in their lives.

Don’t worry what other are going to think about you. Just do the 3 day manifestation for yourself, they are not going to pay your bill. You need to take action and create the lifestyle that you truly deserve.

Just imagine what your life can look like within 12 to 24 months, if you focused on your money mindset and took action towards build wealth online. If you don’t do anything, your life will remain the same or may become worse.

You need to take control of your financial future and work towards creating passive income streams that will enable you to reach financial freedom.

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