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What’s Stopping You From Building Wealth Online?

Take some time to think about “what’s stopping you from using the internet to build wealth online?”. Most people will come up with the 3 most common excuses: Money, Time, Knowledge.

I am going to tackle all of these in this blog post and prove that these are self imposed excuses.

I Don’t Have The Money To Get Started

You don’t need much money to get started on the journey towards building passive income using the internet. You can get started with only a low cost one time payment of $139.95. This will enable you to get started with a global business opportunity that you can run using the internet.

If you are struggling to come up with $139.95, I would suggest that you take some time to build up a working capital of around $500 to start your online wealth building journey.

This business can also be started with a one time payment of $40 and a monthly payment of only $9.95. If you cannot invest around $10 monthly on building your own online business, you need to examine your priorities.

In most countries around the world $9.95 is equivalent to an hourly pay rate. You can use this to fund your online business for a whole month.

Even if your daily earning is around $9.95, you can use it to fund your online business for a whole month. There are people from countries like Bangladesh, India, Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Viet Nam and Philippines building a monthly passive income using this online business.

If your motivation to transform your current financial status is bigger than your excuses, you will find the money to get started. Maybe you will need to work a couple of hours extra every month or a couple of days extra every month to come up with the money to fund your online business.

Don’t let the excuse of not having enough money to get started destroy your dream of creating financial freedom.

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I Don’t Have The Time To Get Started

If you don’t make the time to get started and find the time to build your own online business, you will be stuck in the trading time for money loop forever. Take a couple of hours to study the online business opportunity that has been placed in front of you.

You can build it on a part-time basis, spending a minimum of an hour daily. I used to think that I didn’t have any time to start my own online business.

I work over 60 hours weekly in my job as a corporate security officer, but still mange to find the time to build my own online business. I know that, if I don’t find (make) the time, I will be stuck at my current job of trading time for money for a long time.

I make sure that I find at least one hour daily to work on build my dream. I know it hard to escape the rat race, once you have entered it. You start to develop tunnel vision and cannot see the opportunities around you.

The rat race environment at work is also filled with gossip and negative talk, making it hard to develop an optimistic outlook for the future.

If you are ready to transform your financial future, I will be there to work with you in building your own online business. The pay plan offered by this online business rewards people for helping others and building a network. I am committed to helping everyone that is ready to help themselves. You can be anywhere in the world, but you must have the drive and motivation to transform your financial future using this online business opportunity.

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I Don’t Have The Knowledge To Get Started

No one starts with the knowledge to build an online business. With this online business opportunity, you don’t need the knowledge to build your own store or be a wiz with ecommerce, you just need to get good at digital marketing.

This online business is set up fully and the processing and commissions are carried out by the company. Your job is to build your own network by using the promotional material provided by the company.

You can build your business by writing blog posts, creating YouTube videos, creating and uploading content on other social media sites.

In the beginning your blog posts and videos may not be that great. You need to get started and make the mistakes to build up your marketing skills.

“You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.”Rabindranath Tagore

I used to be fearful of digital marketing before I got started. I used to worry too much about the spelling, grammar and flow of my blog post. I used to worry about what others will take about me after watching my videos.

I took the leap of faith and managed to destroy these fears. You can only destroy your fears by taking action. I don’t care what others thing about me, as they are not paying my bills or contributing to making my live better. I know the people who look for and criticize by blog posts and videos don’t really want to see me become successful!

My satisfaction comes from inspiring others to take action towards leaving the rat race. I want to some them that there is a better option out there. I am on the journey towards creating financial freedom using the internet and want to offer others the opportunity to join me on this journey.

I am currently getting 3 to 4 leads daily from my marketing activity. Only a small number of these leads will see the potential offered by this low cost, global online business opportunity and take action.

Digital marketing is all about numbers, the more eyeballs you get onto your opportunity, the more leads you will generate. A small number of these leads will take action and join the business opportunity that you are promoting.

The percentage that join your business will depend on the quality of your leads and the marketing system you have in place. If you are getting generic leads from your blog posts and videos on social media, you will have a higher percentage of them joining your business network.

By taking daily marketing actions, creating blog posts and videos you will also brand yourself as a leader. Most people will join the business network of a person that is serious about building the business opportunity that they are promoting.

Your blog posts and videos will start to get indexed and noticed as time passes, this will result in leads flowing in daily. The more leads you generate, the more potential you will have of growing your business network and monthly commissions.

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Digital marketing knowledge can be picked up over time. There is a lot of testing and tweaking involved, but the work you put in will be rewarded highly in the form of commissions. Your monthly commissions will gradually build up and enable you to leave the rat race of trading time for money.

The Future Can Be Bright

Once you have managed to build up a monthly passive income to enable you to leave your current employment, you will be in a position to build multiple passive income streams.

Getting out of trading time for money is the initial step towards reaching financial freedom. When you no longer have to work a job (trade your time for money) to meet your monthly expenses, you will be in a position to explore ways to build your wealth and reach greater freedom.

A low cost online business opportunity can get you to the initial step towards creating financial freedom. Don’t overlook the potential offered by this opportunity.

Let’s see what’s on offer:

  1. Global Business Opportunity
  2. Low Cost Of Entry
  3. Internet Based Marketing System
  4. Leverage Earnings By Building A Network
  5. Products Are Beneficial And Priced At Market Rate
  6. Massive Monthly Commission Potential

It is possible to build a monthly passive income using this opportunity to replace the earnings from your current employment. You need to believe in yourself, get started, and take massive action.

Just ask yourself the questions below:

How much do you need monthly to replace the earning from your current employment?

How much time and effort are you willing to put into this business?

How long have you given yourself to reach your required monthly income?

How serious are you about leaving the trading time for money loop?

What’s stopping you?

Are you ready to take immediate action?

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