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A few decades ago the term “millionaire” used to be associated with being wealthy. The super wealthy were referred to as “multi-millionaires“.

Today there are millions of millionaires around the world. The millionaire status of the past has been replaced with the term “billionaire” and the super wealthy have net worth’s of several billion dollars.

The top 3 major currencies in the world are nearly equivalent in value. If you are a billionaire in the USA, you will still be a billionaire in the UK and Europe.

The average net worth around the world is still way below $1 million. A more meaningful measure of wealth would be the annual passive income coming in from assets.

If you have more than $100,000 per year coming in passively from assets, you can enjoy a decent lifestyle. You would not have to worry about how you are going to meet your living expenses.

Elon Musk The Billionaire

Elon Musk, the wealthiest person in the world has a net worth of over $219 billion. Although most of it is stuck in assets, he does not have to worry about his living expenses.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk had an entrepreneurial mindset from his childhood days. He taught himself how to code and created a computer game that was sold for $500.

He knew from an early age that money came from finding solutions to problems. The larger the problem and the more people it impacted, the more money could be generated from the solution.

He co-founded Zip2 (web software company) with his brother Kimbal. This was bought out by Compaq for $307 million in 1999.

Elon co-founded (online bank) in 1999. It merged with Confinity in 2000 to become PayPal. In 2002 eBay bought PayPal for $1.5 billion.

Elon Musk used the lose change he received from this buy out to start SpaceX and invest in Tesla, along with other ventures.

In 2002 Elon Musk founded SpaceX, with the goal of creating the transportation and infrastructure to enable the colonization of Mars. It manufactures space launch vehicles, rocket engines and also the Starlink communications satellites.

In February 2004, Elon invested $6.5 million is Tesla to become the largest shareholder. He served as the CEO of Tesla since 2008. Tesla is on a mission to create robust vehicles power by electricity and solar panels.

Elon Musk is thinking ahead to try and solve the reliance on fossil fuel and also cater for the growing population by trying to colonize Mars. His dreams are big, some of them are in the process of becoming reality and other will become a reality in the distant future.

The above feature on Elon Musk is to show you that the money comes from providing solutions to problems and investing in companies that provide solutions.

The Secret To Building Wealth

Most of us are working from employers and dreaming of becoming wealthy. The living expenses are increasing rapidly. Some of us may have student loans to pay back, others may have credit card debt to pay off.

There may not be much saving left after paying for the monthly living expenses. The reality is that you cannot become wealthy by working for an employer. You dream of becoming wealthy will stay a dream forever.

You may think that the wealthy may have got lucky, or they cheated the system. You may think that money is evil, whilst you are struggling as a result of not having enough money!

Your money blueprint is responsible for making you wealthy or keeping you poor. This money blueprint has been programmed into your subconscious mind during your childhood.

If you come from a poor family, most likely your subconscious money blueprint has been programmed to keep you poor.

The education system does not prepare you to become wealthy. It prepares you to become an employee, to live your life from pay day to pay day.

As an employee you are trading your time for money. You are only paid for the number of hours you work.

Let’s look at an employee example…

Hourly Rate: $20

Number of Hours Worked Per Week: 40

Weekly earnings: $20 x 40 = $800

Yearly earnings: 52 x $800 = $41,600

At this rate it will take you over 24 years to earn $1,000,000 without paying taxes and living expenses.

This trading time for money formula will not make you wealthy. Time is your most valuable asset, your goal should be to free up more of it to enjoy life.

You need to find a way to get out of this trading time for money trap, before it sucks this no-replaceable asset.

The internet provides a solution for creating wealth whilst working on it part-time. Some people call this a side hustle, but I consider this to be your main hustle.

I am in the business of providing tools and resources to internet business entrepreneurs. These tools and resources will provide solutions to problems they are facing, and I will get paid a commission in the process.

You too can do the same by getting started with the tools and services that I am recommending.

Digital Wealth Building Tools And Resources

I provide the following tools and resources:

  1. Cash Now Funnel – A lead generation funnel + affiliate program.
  2. My Lead Gen Secret – 100 to 200 fresh leads daily + affiliate program.
  3. Wealthy Affiliate – A complete blogging platform + affiliate program.
  4. GetResponse – An powerful autoresponder + affiliate program.
  5. Udimi – Buy sols ads + affiliate program.

I use these tools and services myself and also earn commissions by referring them to others. These tools and services have enable me to build up my own affiliate marketing business.

I am currently working 12-hour long shifts as a security officer. I’m working around 60 hours weekly, I don’t have the time to take on a second job to earn extra money. I don’t want to trade more time for money.

I am using the precious hours that I have available to build an online business that will earn me passive income in the form of affiliate commissions. There is also leverage built into some of the above affiliate programs to help you boost your earnings.

I have given myself 24 months to build a passive income of over $5,000 monthly from this online business. I am offering you the exact same tools to do the same.

The above tools and resources solve the major problems faced by people working on building wealth using the internet. You get a complete platform and the knowledge to create and host your own blog. You learn how to monetize it using affiliate marketing.

You get fresh leads daily and a funnel system to capture leads. You also get your own autoresponder to build your own list and send out offers to your list.

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