Show Your Proof Of Earnings

Once you start generating commissions and leads, share your results with subscribers on your email list.

Also share your results on your blog, YouTube channel, Facebook feed… “Seeing is believing!”

Once someone sees that you are actually generating commission, they will start to believe that they can also do it.

You don’t need to wait for massive commissions or results before you start sharing it. Start sharing you results from the beginning, you may not be a digital marketing superstar yet, but you have started to produce results.

Success Leads To More Success

The success that you have created will result in more success. Once people see that you are actually generating commission, they will want to join the programs you are promoting. This will results in more commissions and provide you with more results to share!

Once you manage to build up enough momentum, the commissions will start to pile up. You need to take massive action during the initial stage. Don’t wait around, start sharing your success to attract more success.

Every post or email you send out has to potential to generate leads and earn commissions.

Sharing your results will also help towards branding you as a leader and a top income producer.

Take Action Now

As soon as you have set up your lead capture page, share it online. It is an important part of your digital wealth building formula.

Make an announcement once you have started to generate your first few leads, this will prove that the capture page actually works. (Don’t reveal the personal details of your leads).

Share the proof of earnings, once you have generated your first commission. It does not matter how small it may be. This proof of earnings will validate that the process actually works.