Drive Traffic To Your Lead Capture Page

The fastest and proven way to earn affiliate commissions is by send offers to subscribers on your email list.

You will need to build up a large email list by sending targeted traffic to your lead capture page.

Even if you don’t have a series of autoresponder messages set up, you can still get started. Your objective is to get the visitor to your lead capture page to subscribe to your list.

Once they have subscribed to your list, you will be able to send out email broadcasts with your affiliate links in them.

The initial goal is to get as subscribers onto your email list as possible. You will need to send quality traffic to transform them into subscribers.

There are two types of traffic: free traffic and paid traffic.

Free Traffic Sources

Free traffic coming into your blog posts from Google searches is highly targeted traffic. Another source of highly targeted free traffic is from YouTube videos via links placed in the video description.

It takes a while for blogs posts to get ranked on Google for relevant keywords. It also takes time to get your videos ranked on YouTube for relevant keywords.

Free traffic is the best form of traffic, but it takes time and effort to establish. Establishing free traffic sources should be your long term goal.

I have set up my own blog and also a YouTube channel. These are slowly growing and have started to generate leads.

You can also generate free traffic via Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn.

Paid Traffic Sources

Paid traffic sources enable you to send traffic to your lead capture page instantly. The number of subscribers you will generate from paid traffic will depend on the quality of the traffic and quality of your lead capture page.

The largest paid traffic source is Google AdWords followed by Facebook Ads. You can also purchase ads on YouTube and TikTok. These paid traffic sources are worth exploring.

The easiest paid traffic sources to get started with are Solo Ads and buying leads. You can get your lead capture page placed in front of a large number of people within a short time period.

I have generated many leads using the above paid traffic sources. These sources are ideal for some who is just starting out on their digital wealth building journey.

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