Build Your Own List

If you are not capturing leads into your own autoresponder, you are just wasting your time, effort and money on marketing. You need to build your own email list of subscribers.

As the saying goes “The money is in the list, and the fortune is in the follow-up.”

I started off by sending traffic directly to affiliate offers and online income opportunities offered by others. This has cost me a large amount of money and resulted in no leads of my own.

You need to build your own list and then send out offers to your list members. Building your own list will allow you to promote products and services to your subscribers over and over again.

Building your own list is also a key step towards branding yourself as a leader within the digital wealth building niche.

You may be wondering when the money making opportunities and strategies will be revealed…

I request you to have some patience and follow the steps required to build the foundation that will enable you to earn the BIG money later on! Just take it a step at a time to build up the system and learn the strategies.

I have come to realize that instant gratification leads to failure and delayed gratification leads to success.

I started getting results after building my own list using GetResponse.

Take Action Now

I am using the GetResponse autoresponder to build my own list of subscribers. This is a professional autoresponder that is used by many digital marketers worldwide.

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