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My First ClickBank Commission

I have just earned my first affiliate commission from promoting a product from the ClickBank marketplace.

I earned a commission of $12.11 on a product that I marketed to leads on My Lead Gen Secret. This may be a small commission, but it proves that the system works.

You can see how I have been marketing this product from ClickBank to my leads in the video below:

The sale was resulting in the commission was generated on Monday 17th October 2022. ClickBank provides a really good reporting system to track your sales and commission earnings.

I earned a commission of $12.11 on a product that was sold for $17.00. ClickBank can pay really high commissions as most of the products are digital. There is no delivery cost and the product is replicated digitally.

I am conducting a 90-Day Case Study to see how much commission I can earn using ClickBank and My Lead Gen Secret.

You can follow this case study on my YouTube Channel, subscribe for updates to follow my progress. I have managed to generate my first sale after day 3.

In the beginning you may not see any sales, but you will need to stay consistent with your marketing. Sending emails to leads and generating sales is a numbers game.

The more emails you send out and the more leads you reach, the more likely you will generate sales and commissions.

1,000 Fresh Leads Daily

I am getting 1,000 fresh leads daily from the Viral Leads And Commission Machine that I have set up using My Lead Gen Secret.

I have created 5 My Lead Gen Secret accounts by stacking one on top of the other. This has reduced my monthly cost and also enabled me to earn higher commissions on referrals.

You will need to use 5 different email addresses to do this. I would suggest that you create 5 brand new Gmail accounts. All your payment and address details can remain the same, but you need a different email address for each of your accounts. Follow the instructions in the video above to set up the system.

Earn $15 Monthly On Each Referral

Once you have set up your 5 My Lead Gen Secret account using the stacking method, you will be able to earn $15 on each referral.

My Lead Gen Secret uses the affiliate payment plan as explained below:

You will be promoting your affiliate link from your 5th account to earn commissions on all 5 levels.

The Numbers Game

The leads that you get from My Lead Gen Secret will not be as good as the leads that you generate yourself. When you are getting started as an affiliate marketer, it is hard to generate your own leads.

You will need to promote your offers to the leads you get daily. My Lead Gen Secret allows you to email your leads once a day.

You will be getting 1,000 fresh leads daily from your 5 accounts. You have the potential to reach 1,000 new prospects daily. The leads from the previous days will also stay in the system and you get to email them too.

If you stay consistent and send out emails to your leads daily, you will start to see results. It’s a game of numbers, the more leads you email, the more chances you will have of generating sales.

Get 6 And Be FREE

Once you have stacked up 5 My Lead Gen Secret accounts as outlined in the video, you can make the system pay for itself by referring only 6 members.

Even if it takes you 6 months to refer 6 members, it will still be worth it, as you will be getting 1,000 fresh leads daily.

If you managed to refer 339 members, you would be earning $5,085 in monthly commissions. This will leave you a profit of $5,005 every month.

Even if it takes you 24 months to reach this goal, it will be well worth the effort. I will continue with the 90-Day Case Study and post my results on this blog and also on my YouTube Channel.

The 5 accounts will cost you $90 monthly, but you will get back $10 in commissions. In reality the cost is $80 monthly. I have referred one member already, so it’s costing me $65 monthly.

Get started with My Lead Gen Secret and build your own Viral Leads And Commission Machine.

If I can generate $65 monthly from ClickBank, the system will pay for itself. It is always a good feeling when you manage to get the product to pay for itself.

During the initial few months, you will incur costs. This is the cost of setting up your online business, this can be anything from $100 to $500 monthly.

Slowly you will start to earn commissions to off set this monthly cost. The magic will start to happen once you start to get into profit. This can take 12 to 24 months and once the momentum has built up, the commissions will start to pile up.

There will be a lot of hard work involved during the initial months, as you will need to learn internet marketing. There will be monthly costs involved as you will have to pay for tools and products to enable you to set up your online business.

I am using the following products and services to build up my online business:

Wealthy Affiliate – A complete blogging platform + affiliate program.

My Lead Gen Secret – 100 to 200 fresh leads daily + affiliate program.

Cash Now Funnel – A lead generation funnel + affiliate program.

GetResponse – An powerful autoresponder + affiliate program.

Udimi – Buy sols ads + affiliate program.

I have given myself 24 months to build up a monthly income of over $5,000 to enable me to quit my current employment. This journey started on the 5th of October 2022 and I am confident that I will be earning over $5,000 monthly by the 5th of October 2024.

I have set aside a monthly budget of $300 to get me to earning over $5,000 monthly within 24 months. I am treating this like a real business and know that it will take time, effort and money to reach my goal.

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